2,000-year-old 2023 survival tips


 This week, CNN and other news organizations reflect on their most compelling and insightful opinion pieces from the past seven days.

"A mind that is anxious about the future and unhappy before misfortune even arrives is a disaster," observed Stoic philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

Seneca, as a prominent Roman politician in the first century, had plenty to worry about in addition to his wealth and status.

He was the first person to offend three different emperors, and Caligula almost had him executed for his trouble. Claudius sent him go.

Those who are unable to heed Seneca's admonition to let go of worry will find plenty to keep them up at night, from near-term issues like the conflict in Ukraine .

Ukraine and labor strikes in a variety of industries and a potential US government shutdown to far-off worries like global warming and nuclear weapons.

Nonetheless, we also have more contemporary voices offering words of wisdom; who could forget Bobby McFerrin's observation in his 1988 hit "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

Still, there's something comforting about hearing a voice that echoes over 2,000 years, of someone who dealt with conflict in a world both entirely foreign and stunningly .