These Zodiac Signs Fit The “Lover” Feminine Archetype.

Libra Libra is a hopeless romantic since it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sex, and beauty. They don't hide the fact that they're romantics 

 They desire for both their personal life and the connections they have with others to be lovely, romantic, harmonious, and well-balanced.

 Scorpion People born under the Scorpio zodiac tend to be extremely passionate, sensitive, and sexual individuals

 They are all about extremely passionate and titillating love affairs between two people

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 They have a healthy relationship with both their sexuality and their sensuality, and they encourage others to do the same

 our capabilities, and even our divine destiny. These "archetypes" are referred to as Feminine Archetypes, and they are patterns that are universally recognized that describ

The sensuous, passionate, and romantic aspects of ourselves are represented by the Lover Archetype. There are two signs of the zodiac

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