5 Best Pre-50 Muscle-Building Exercises

This becomes increasingly more prevalent as you age. Research shows that boosting muscle protein synthesis through a protein-based diet 

These movements hit multiple muscle groups with heavy resistance for the most efficient way to build muscle. 

To complete a barbell back squat, you'll get into position by making sure the barbell is set to the proper height in the squat rack 

The muscles in your lower body will be put to work with dumbbell deadlifts. To set up, PureGym instructs you to have a dumbbell in both hands  

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Using an overhand grip, grab onto the bar, placing your hands just outside your shoulder span. Bring your feet off the ground, and hang onto the bar so that both arms are extended. 

You can perform bench presses with a barbell racked on a flat workout bench or with dumbbells held at chest level. 

The single-arm dumbbell row is an excellent move for your back muscles, along with your biceps and core 

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