American favorite dog breeds

The cheerful, energetic English Cocker Spaniel is naturally on our list. The breed rose from No. 52 last year as more Americans fell for them.

The daring Portuguese water dog rose from last year. With its athletic frame and low-shedding fur, this dog will learn any trick you throw at its attractive

Saint Bernards stayed 48th. While good watchdogs, they are sociable and playful with kids of all ages. Expect loads of fetch with your huge, massive Bernard.

Akitas are devoted, dignified dogs who can be goofy with family. Their love and affection will come with plenty of hair and slobber to clean up.

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Chesapeake Bay retrievers are smart, popular hunters' dogs, but they've also become home pets. The smart and emotionally complex puppy

Since becoming popular in the West, the curly-tailed Shiba Inu has risen in popularity. Shibas, originally from Japan, are confident puppies 

West highlands' lively yet penetrating eyes make them the most popular terriers. Although West Highland Terriers are less patient with kid

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