calmest dog breeds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are kind and cuddly. They are ideal for families, seniors, and first-time dog owners because they adapt well to most

 Golden Retriever fits the bill. Imagine them as the Disney Pixar dog. Up: child-friendly, caring, and compassionate. It's obvious.

Boston Terriers are well-behaved and easy to care for. Friendly and lively, they love cuddling like any other dog.

Although well-behaved, beagles can be stubborn, so you'll need to train them quickly. However, the Beagle's charming nature and willingness

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Bernese Mountain Dogs are among the most well-behaved. They're nice, affectionate dogs. They're peaceful and patient

Labrador Retrievers are naturally gentle and sweet. These dogs are kind and trusting, making them ideal for elderly persons, young families, and beginning dog owners.

Border Collies are smart, affectionate, and easy to teach. Although working dogs, they are friendly and love cuddles

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