Easy-to-Train Dogs That Are Obedient

Border collies are named after the Scottish sheepdog collie and the border region of Scotland, where they were produced. These agile

 sharp canines are herding athletes and smarter than you believe. According to legend, the pups impressed spectators during one of the first sheepdog trials.

A German shepherd. Animal behaviorist Mary Burch, PhD, claims these dogs are the easiest to train for job and family

Train them early so they don't see a threat when there isn't one because of their strong protective instinct.

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 Papillons are "intelligent, self-assured, playful, affectionate and happy," adds Burch. They learn tricks and obedience well

 This habit is unpleasant and perhaps deadly. You should teach your dogs to "leave it," or ignore something they shouldn't.

Golden retrievers are smart, kind, and cheerful. They are among the most well-behaved and trainable canines. 

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