Loveliest dog breeds

Most affectionate giant dog breed: St. BernardOne of the largest and heaviest dog breeds, the St. Bernard is also one of the most affectionate.

Helpful, friendly, calm, good-natured, and very attached to its owners, this Swiss breed loves youngsters.

Patting a St. Bernard is safe if you don't mean any harm! Though sweet, caring, and cuddly, these dogs are devoted and will always protect their family.

The most lovable tiny dog is the Bichon Frizé.This tiny Belgian-French dog resembles a poodle. Friendship, energy, cheerfulness

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A Bichon Frisé will cuddle as much as possible whenever its owner is there, regardless of the hour. Simple to care for, they are gorgeous dogs.

hey're big, so don't leave them with tiny kids because cuddling could damage them.

Golden Retriever: The friendliest dog breed.It's no surprise that golden retrievers are popular canines worldwide. They are bred to be socia

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