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Italy's Spinone Italiano hunting dog dates back to 200 B.C. Tender eyes and bushy brows make these canines appealing to Americans and Italian

Polish lowland sheepdogs (PONs in the US) are easily identifiable and shed-free. Poland, where PONs are so famous they have their own stamp

German pinschers are man's best buddy. More importantly, the ideal breed is smart, active, trainable, and ready to play. Throw in a 14-year lifespan

 The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever attracts ducks to the coast, making them easy prey for hunters. This tiny, outgoing breed and its water-

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repellent double coat of fur collect the day's haul after the duck is shot and dead.

Personalities shine in toy fox terriers. This breed is smart, loyal, trainable, and lives into its teens. A dog that's also a live-action toy is appealing.

despite their somewhat droopy looks. Though slow, this docile breed can stay vigilant and agile for lengthy hours.

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