Red magnetic storm to smash Earth


Researchers have detected strong solar flares, and red alert magnetic storms are expected in the days ahead.

Health problems can develop and power outages can occur as a result of these kinds of storms.

Meteoagent data indicates that the magnetic storm will be at its strongest just before it ends.

Strong eruptions occur when the Sun's magnetic field lines crack under the strain of tension.

Solar or magnetic storms are caused by the Sun's internal reactions, such as the ejection of solar mass and surface flares.

These ejections cause geomagnetic activity when they collide with Earth's magnetosphere.

Energy from protons and electrons traveling at extremely high velocities through space makes up the ejections.

Upon impact, these particles have varying consequences on Earth according to their interactions with the planet's magnetic field and atmosphere.

 Furthermore, radio transmission, GPS, satellites, and power grids can all be impacted by solar flares.