The Best Candle For Each Zodiac Sign

“Aries are known for their energetic and dynamic natures,” says Michelle Bell, founder of the astrology app Cosmic Fusion.  

As an earth sign who appreciates being at home, Taurus, you’re all about heavy, cozy floral scents like rose, heliotrope, and jasmine.  

Gemini is the busiest social butterfly of the zodiac, says Bell, which explains why you appreciate the act of lighting a candle  

Cancer, as a nurturing water sign ruled by the moon, you’ll definitely appreciate aromas that are sweet and familiar, like vanilla.  

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According to Bell, Leo always appreciates scents that feel regal and luxurious. You are, after all, a fire sign represented by a lion. 

“Virgos are meticulous and organized individuals,” says Bell, which is why you’ll love grounding scents like sandalwood or jasmine. 

According to Bell, Libra appreciates balance and harmony in their lives. As an air sign ruled by Venus, you love to turn up and go out on the town.  

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