The best pet for you based on your zodiac sign

Border Collie A high-energy dog, such as a Border Collie, is another good bet for energetic Aries. You'll have fun trying to wear each other out!

Hamster At the other end of the energy spectrum, Taureans are known for being so laid-back they're almost horizontal!

Tortoise If you're a Taurus, you probably enjoy doing things at your own pace and taking time to connect with nature and your surroundings. A tortoise could be your perfect pet!

Parrot Chatty Geminis have a natural ally in the animal kingdom: the parrot. Birds such as the African Gray can keep a Gemini company all day long. 

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Parson Russell Terrier Geminis looking for a furrier friend might find their ideal match in a Parson Russell Terrier. Like Geminis, these companionable animals have a two-sided personality.

Hedgehog Cancers can be a little spiky at times, but like to nurture, too. A rescue hedgehog in need of a little love could be the ideal Cancer companion.

Chicken Lovably loud Leos don't like to fade into the background, and nor do chickens! A pet chicken can match even the most attention-seeking Leo for creating a lot of cluck and fuss.

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