The best workout according to your zodiac

Some people are lucky enough to love exercise. For those people, keeping fit and staying healthy doesn't feel like a chore. 

According to Ridout, Aries expresses itself by "initiating and directing the energy of fire." She believes that the best exercise for Aries is anything high energy. 

Leo is the fixed fire sign, as opposed to Aries, which is directional. Leo does best with high-energy exercise that also enjoys the opportunity for some cooler elements.

If you're keen to give Zumba a go but you don't know how to get into it, have a look for in-person classes in your local area. Or simply put a Zumba playlist on and dance away!

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For that reason, and also because Geminis love to make friends, Ridout suggests a partner or team sport, such as tennis. Other options include rowing, baseball, and lacrosse.

Just like its fellow air sign Gemini, Libra is a sociable star sign. The best form of exercise for a Libra is anything that puts them in contact with other people.

Ridout recommends something like ballroom dance. Libras can put on their dancing shoes at in-person classes, or even watch DVDs and practice from home.

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