The best yoga for your star sign

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is bold with a fiery personality. People born under this sign tend to be very energetic and more than up for a challenge. 

If you've ever known a Leo, you'll know they love to be the stars of the show. That doesn't stop with exercise; this sign is always looking for a chance to shine. 

There is no better way to access a higher level of consciousness than meditation. Everyone has something to gain from meditating, but Sagittarius may well have more. 

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini is adventurous and sociable. People born under this sign have a wild and fast energy. 

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For the Libras among us, life is all about balance. They feel easily disturbed when things are off-kilter; they are always aiming for equilibrium and serenity. 

A solid yoga choice for Aquarians is Jivamukti yoga. With classes centered around chanting and vigorous Vinyasa, there is a strong focus on spirituality. 

Yin yoga is all about longer-held stretches with the intention of releasing emotions pent up in the deep connective tissues of the body. 

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