Which Zodiac Sign Is Charismatic?

You have an energy that gets the crowd going. You're always the one who gets people dancing at boring parties, because you know how to lighten the mood and lift the spirits. 

Likewise, you are a fascinating person, with whom one likes to spend time, and to whom one listens religiously. 

It's impossible to miss you and your determination. Your ability to pursue your dreams and ambitions at all costs is a fascinating character trait. 

Your good-natured and relaxed side is also a big part of your charisma and your ability to gather crowds around you. 

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You're very sociable and engaging, so you're easy to talk to. You've elevated communication to an art form! You're a conversationalist, but you're also a great listener, 

You are almost the one who invented this concept, so much you attract the looks and the attention towards you 

First, there's something about you and your intense gaze. When you walk into a room, people notice you, whether you want them to or not.  

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