Your Secret Love Language, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Your love language is risking being caught doing illicit romantic acts. You get an adrenaline high from doing whatever society could censure and shame

Capricorn Your love language wins. You enjoy the high.  Double points if your partner beats you in a game, dispute, board game, or arm-wrestling. 

Sagittarius Your love language is cash. You like partners that pamper you and look after you. A generous partner who can pay your expensive travels

Taurus Sex and food—preferably together. You enjoy “being generous” in bed and satisfying your mates. Personal validation of sexual ability is so rewarding. 

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Aquarius Space and distance are your love languages. You like generating obsession and attention. It feels good to eliminate competition and win over 

Virgo Clean sheets and a tidy room are your love language. You like seeing your partner wash dishes and scrub the kitchen floor. 

Gemini Your forbidden love language is gossip. You enjoy spending time with your family or lover and sharing juicy details about a toxic individua

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