Your Weekly Horoscope October 22–29

Aries Avoid Instagram and TikTok this week. Cut back on scrolling through others' feeds and comparing yoursel

Taurus Focus on your strengths this week to overcome insecurities. Create an album of gorgeous photos and a list of your best attributes. 

Gemini Share your thoughts sparingly this week. Remember to not always say what comes to mind. Ask yourself if your words will add to the conversation 

Cancer Trust your intuition this week. Be cautious if you have a terrible feeling. Your caution is justified. Nobody should feel ashamed or embarrassed about it.

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Leo This week, be flexible. You don't have to have a horrible day if things don't go as planned. You can save it if you're flexible.

Virgo Be unavailable this week. You don't have to do favors for everyone or accept every invitation. You can spend time alone.

Libra Decide this week. Don't waver when you commit. Stop second-guessing yourself—you're smart and independent enough to decide.

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