Zodiacs Who Will Reinvent Themselves In October

GEMINI In this month, Gemini transforms from intern to Subject Matter Expert™, much like a Pokemon.

 Instead of attempting to be everything to everyone, they choose their niche and define their value. I am “this”—insert skill—in my life. 

LIBRA Libra wants to shed their goody-two-shoes image, which they fear secretly irritates people. Everyone enjoys a little edginess

 Elena being locked in a love triangle while trying not to upset everyone becomes old. Katherine—completely narcissistic twin

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CAPRICORN Capricorn reinvents themselves this month by letting go of the part that feels they must always agree with authority. 

For too long, they've fulfilled requests to be critical thinkers without questioning the source. Analyze the data, but not its source or destination. 

VIRGO Virgo reinvents themselves this month by abandoning perfectionism. Initial mental and emotional destruction will be followed by ultimate liberation. 

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